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Servo Lab Capabilities

We have documented 96 different Servo Manufacturer repair reports in our Database
We repair AC Servos, DC Servos, AC Spindles, and AC Actuators
Capable of 24-hour repairs in many cases
We have thousands of spare and rebuilt motors in our inventory for parts or exchange motors

Servo Lab Repair Procedures

  1. Data

    Motor nameplate data is recorded

  2. Inspection

    A visual inspection of any damage to the motor.

    We check for
    • Damaged Leads/Terminals
    • Worn output shaft/keyways
    • Cracks in end bells or covers
  3. Job Ticket

    We complete to full write up off all motor data

    • All winding tests (Resistance, Meg Ω, Continuity)
    • All bearing sizes
    • All seal sizes
    • Brake torque tests (Record Torque, winding resistance)
    • Feedback Tests (Tachometer/Encoder)
  4. Motor Disassembly

    • Bearing and seal sizes are recorded
    • Bearing fits are measured on shaft and End bell
    • Brake torque is measured as well as resistance and Meg Ω
    • More winding tests are performed (Surge and HiPOT tests)
    • Stator is then washed and baked in oven
    • Magnets are inspected for cracks or if loose on shaft
    • Encoder is tested with either (Heidenhain PWM20, Sick PGT-11, or Mitchell Electronics equipment)
  5. Assembly

    • New bearings are installed
    • New seals are installed
    • If required, new windings are impregnated
    • Brakes are rebuilt or replaced depending on manufacturer design.
    • Rebuilt or New encoders are installed and aligned using:
    • (Heidenhain PWM20, Sick PGT-11, or Mitchell Electronics equipment)
  6. Rotor Balancing and Testing

    • Rotor is run through a full vibration diagnostic
  7. Run Testing

    • Every Motor is Run for a minimum of 1 hour using one of our drives.
    • We use Siemens S110, S120, IndraDrive, AB Kinetix 300, Yaskawa 7, and AMC drives
  8. Service Report

    • A Final 3-page Service Report is filled out
    • Pinout diagram for power and feedback is provided
    • Brake torque is recorded a final time for our Service Reports
    • A photo of nameplate and motor is attached
    • A motor tag is installed on motor with QR code linking Service Report and Job Histories
    • If requested, a YouTube link is attached to the service report of motor

Siemens Servo Motors Logo

Siemens produces electric motors for every application. They’ve been doing it for 150 years, so they know how to make a reliable high-performance machine. Needless to say, these motors should be one of your first considerations when you need a highly dynamic and precise motion path. But, like any machinery, they’re not indestructible.

That’s where we come in. We understand how costly a broken down motor can be, and how stressful it can be to try and fix it. If your Siemens servo is broken down, our experienced team of servo-repair professionals are committed to getting it fixed and back to you as quickly as possible. If you see your model in the list below, don’t waste any more time. Give us a call and we’ll give you a highly competitive quote. We’re happy to answer any of your questions, and always ready to help.

A&C Electric is a Siemens servo motor repair specialist with extensive experience working on Siemens servo motors. To ensure your repaired unit is repaired to factory spec, we use Siemens OEM parts in all our repairs and back our work with a two-year warranty.

We understand the need to minimize downtime, so we have all the equipment necessary to repair your servo motor as quickly as possible. Our technicians have completed over 10,000 servo motor repairs on Siemens motors and know them backwards and forwards.

See a sample servo service report from one of our Siemens servo motor repairs.

Can't wait for repairs? Check our current inventory of refurbished Siemens motors.

Our typical servo motor repair process includes:

  1. Customer informs A&C Electric about their particular Siemens repair specifications and designates their required lead time as Regular, Rush or Overtime Rush.
  2. Customer then ships their Siemens servo motor to A&C Electric using specialized packaging capable of effectively and safely supporting the motor’s frame.
  3. The Siemens motor is completely dismantled, cleaned and professionally inspected for any needed repairs or damaged components.
  4. A&C Electric notifies customer with a quote regarding the required components and services necessary for repairing the Siemens servo motor.
  5. A&C Electric repairs the Siemens motor and ships it back.

Before Repair/After Repair

servo motor repair michigan servo motor repair michigan
To start your repair and cut down on lead time, contact Siemens servo motor repair specialists.
ISO 9001:2000 Registered Electrical Apparatus Service Association
A&C Electric is a certified distributor service center.

A&C Electric Company specializes in servo motor repairs, industrial motor repairs, motor refurbishing and new motor sales. Save money on motor repairs and reduce your downtime with fast send-in comprehensive industrial and electric motor testing and motor repairs. A&C Electric Company services Harrison Township MI, Detroit MI, Warren MI, Lansing MI, Clinton Township MI, Flint MI, Ann Arbor MI, Troy MI, Grand Rapids MI and Toledo OH.

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