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D.C. Motor Repair Capabilities  

We have documented 10,000 repair reports in our Database spanning across 50 different manufacturers
We repair A.C Motors, D.C. Motors, Servo Motors, Press Drives, Gearboxes, and Spindles
Capable of 24-hour repairs in many cases
We have thousands of spare and rebuilt motors in our inventory for parts or exchange motors

D.C. Motor Repair Procedures

  1. Data

    Motor nameplate data is recorded

  2. Inspection

    A visual inspection of any damage to the motor.

    We check for
    • Damaged Leads/Terminals
    • Worn output shaft/keyways
    • Cracks in end bells or covers
    • Cracks in bases/feet
  3. Job Ticket

    We complete to full write up off all motor data

    • All winding tests (Resistance, Meg Ω, Continuity) on the armature and field windings
    • All bearing sizes
    • All seal sizes
    • Feedback Tests (Tachometer/Encoder)
  4. Motor Disassembly

    • Bearing and seal sizes are recorded
    • More winding tests are performed (Surge and HiPOT tests) on the armature and field windings
    • Bar-to-Bar test is performed on the commutator
    • Bearing fits are measured on shaft and End bell
    • All brushes and holder sizes are recorded
    • Brake torque is measured as well as resistance and Meg Ω
    • Armature is then washed and baked in oven
    • Field windings are washed and baked in oven
  5. Assembly

    • New bearings are installed
    • New seals are installed
    • If required, new armature windings are installed
    • If required, new field windings are installed
    • New brushes and brush holders are installed
    • Commutator is undercut or replaced if necessary
    • Brakes are rebuilt or replaced depending on manufacturer design.
  6. Rotor Balancing and Testing

    • Rotor is run through a full vibration diagnostic
  7. Run Testing

    • Every Motor is Run for a minimum of 1 hour using one of our drives.
    • We use Siemens S110, S120, IndraDrive, AB Kinetix 300, Yaskawa 7, and AMC drives
  8. Service Report

    • A Final 3-page Service Report is filled out
    • Pinout diagram for power and feedback is provided
    • Brake torque is recorded a final time for our Service Reports
    • A photo of nameplate and motor is attached
    • A motor tag is installed on motor with QR code linking Service Report and Job Histories
    • If requested, a YouTube link is attached to the service report of motor

A&C Electric is your number one source for D.C. motor repair in Michigan. We have experience in repairing all types of motors. When it comes to the DC motors powering your facility, every day of downtime is money lost. Keep your facility running and your equipment in great shape by taking advantage of our Motor Management Services for Industrial Motors. A&C Electric also carries a range of refurbished and repaired DC motors for sale immediately.

The motor repair technicians at A & C Electric are some of the fastest in the industry. We can address your motor's failure, repair and refurbish it, and return it to you with as little downtime as possible. 

For old and worn DC motors we offer a full range of services and repairs done in HALF the lead time and at a FRACTION of the cost of buying new equipment.

Contact the D.C. industrial motor repair specialists for a free quote, or simply call us at (586) 469-0710. We will process your order immediately to save you downtime.

Typical Repairs on Your DC Motor Include:

1)   Dismantling, cleaning and checking. steam cleaning every mechanical part.

DC electric motor repair - disassembled

2)   General recondition of every damaged/contaminated part. Insulation/Dielectric Test.

DC electric motor repair - cleaning

3)   Surge Test, Hi-Pot Test, Resistance Test, Vibration Test.

DC electric motor repair - surge test

4)   Reinsulating and baking windings, Rewinding/Dipping and baking stator.

DC electric motor repair - rewinding

5)   Re-sleeving bearings housings, metalizing shafts.

DC electric motor repair - re-sleeving bearing housing

6)   Balancing rotor, installing all new bearings and seals.

DC electric motor repair - balancing rotor

7)   Reassembling, testing, and painting, load testing.

DC electric motor repair

With every repair a service report is written letting customers know what repairs were done and why. This helps you prepare for your next motor failure by using preventative maintenance. 

Contact our A.C. three phase motor repair specialists for a free quote or simply call us at (586) 469-0710. We will process your order immediately to save you downtime.
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