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Press Drive and Eddy Current Clutch Repairs

We understand that Press Drives and Clutches are not the easiest apparatus to have a spare for, let alone transport for repair. A&C ElectricIndustrial Press Drive & Clutch repair from A&C Electric Company not only will store critical Press Drives and Clutches for you, but also transport them to and from your facility. We have been performing press drive and clutch repair in Michigan for over 50 years. It is such a science to repair press drives and clutches that a plant should only trust the experts that can not only ensure a good repair, but also save you the most money. Some press drives exceed $1,000,000 replacement cost, so to trust such an asset to a novice Press Drive and Clutch repair station would be senseless. We address and fix the fault in your drive for a fraction of the cost of a new press drive/clutch. Lead time on a new press drive typically takes up to 6 months, A&C Electric can fix your drive in as little as 2 days.

Contact press drive and eddy clutch repair technicians for a free quote, or simply call us at (586) 469-0710. We will process your order immediately to save you downtime.

Our Typical Press Drive and Clutch repair would include:

1) Steam clean and disassemble the drive.

2) Inspect all critical parts to original specifications such as bearing journals and bores, pilots, air gaps, coils (normally recommended coil replacement) seal fits and surface finish.

press drive clutch repair  press drive clutch repair

  3) Check concentricity and squareness of bearing caps and sleeves.

4) Check generator fields and rotors.

5) Replace all bearings.

press drive clutch repair   press drive clutch repair

6) Replace all gaskets and seals.

7) Assemble the drive.

8) Test the remanufactured drive, checking for vibrations, etc.

9) Paint the assembled drive.

press drive clutch repair   press drive clutch repair

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