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Siemens 1FT6132 Motors

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Siemens 1FT6132 Series Servo Motor List

The following Siemens servo motors are numbered 1FT6132-6AB71-XXXX, 1FT6132-6AC71-XXXX and 1FT6132-6AF71-XXXX from 1AA0 to 7TL5. The servos on this page are differentiated by shaft configuration, ingress protection rating, connector outlet direction, and encoder type. Each 1FT6132 servo motor shares the following technical specifications (see right).

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Rated Rotational Speed: 1.5-3k RPM
Shaft Height: 132
Rated Output: 9.7-11.3 kW
Rated Torque: 62-36 Nm
Rated Current: 19-23 A
Standstill Torque: 75 Nm
Pole Pairs: 3
Rotor Moment of Inertia: 430
Weight: 85 kg