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Fanuc ALPHA series servo motor repairsMidwest FANUC alpha Series Servo Motor Repair Capabilities Catalog

  • Smooth feed
  • Available in two versions: F – ferrite magnet, S – strong motor (neodymium magnets)
  • Available with 200V or 400V input voltage
  • Torque output from 1-3,000 Nm
  • Speeds up to 8,000 rpm
  • High-resolution αi Series encoder (32,000,000/rev)
  • IP65 protection standard – optional IP67

Search for your FANUC part number, or find the part by model and specification.

A&C Electric is a FANUC servo motor repair specialist that stocks over 3,000 Fanuc servo motors, available for both exchange and outright sale. Due to this large parts inventory and our expertise, we ensure that our lead time and price is second to none. We use Fanuc OEM parts in all our repairs, and include a two year warranty on every job trusted to us.

Reduce your expenses while ensuring excellent performance by partnering with A&C Electric for all your servo motor repair needs. Unbeatable servo motor repair services from A&C Electric saved our customers documented millions last year alone compared to purchasing units. From repairing vital mechanical components to testing and adjusting sensitive electrical applications, A&C Electric is your number one source for high quality servo motor repair services.

Please look at our servo service report to see a sample of our Fanuc servo motor repairs.

Our typical servo repair process includes:

  1. Customer informs A&C Electric about their Fanuc servo motor repair specifications and labels their required lead time as Regular, Rush or Overtime Rush.
  2. Customer then ships their Fanuc servo motor to A&C Electric using specialized packaging capable of effectively and safely supporting the motor’s frame.
  3. Your Fanuc is completely dismantled, cleaned and professionally inspected for any needed repairs or damaged components.
  4. A&C Electric notifies our customer with a quote regarding the required components and services necessary for repairing your Fanuc.
  5. A&C Electric repairs your Fanuc servo motor and ships it back to you.

Before Repair/After Repair

fanuc alpha servo motor repair michiganfanuc alpha series servo motor repair michigan
Check out our motor repair capabilities or contact FANUC repair experts today.
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