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A&C Electric is a pump repair specialist in Michigan. We address and fix the fault in your pump in HALF the lead time and a FRACTION of the cost of buying new equipment.

Contact engine pump repair technicians, or simply call us at (586) 469-0710 for a quote. We will process your order immediately to save you downtime.

A&C electric repairs all types of pumps including:

  1. Vertical Turbine
  2. Lobe
  3. Gear
  4. Centrifugal
  5. Vane
  6. Vacuum
  7. Sump

A typical repair process on your pump includes:

  1. Completely dismantling, cleaning and checking every component, steam cleaning every component.
  2. General recondition of all sections.
  3. Inspecting/repairs all necessary shaft requirements.
  4. Replace all bearings and seals.
  5. Reassemble, testing, and painting.
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